August 26, 2013

Dearest momma smeech,

I'm happy I'm not in prison too. That'd not be fun. But at least I'd get to watch T.V. And take naps. And call home every day. But anywho, Things are still awesome. I'm loving it here. I'm sad though. We got the transfer call Saturday morning, and Elder Scott, the Elder I'm training, is getting transferred. I'm sad. But, at least We're getting a new one on Wednesday. And I'm staying in this area, for the 3rd transfer. Crazy. But I love it here. It's beautiful(ish), the people are awesome, and I LOVE BIKE AREAS. If I ever go to a car area I'm going to get so fat. Biking 25 miles a day tends to keep you in shape. My favorite thing, though, is that we get to stop and talk to EVERYONE. It's awesome. 

So I've been speaking a TON of spanish lately. It turns out there are a lot of spanish speakers here, and I'm the only Elder in the district who can relatively speak it. So we've been teaching a lot of Guatemalans. It's been awesome to teach in a foreign language. And what's crazier, is that my Portuguese has been improving because of it. It's awesome. My testimony that The Lord will provide for those that need to hear the Gospel has been strengthened so much. The Gospel will go fort boldly and nobly, and all will hear it. I'm so grateful to be able to take this glad message of light and truth to the world. Too many members see the Church as a job, as something to do on Sundays and wednesday nights. It is so much more than that. It is everything. It is light, it is truth, it is Life. If we are not doing all we can to do the Lord's work, we aren't doing enough. He has given us everything. Can we not pay back what little we can? I love this Gospel, I love Christ. I know he lives.

Love you all!!!

Elder Sam Smith