March 24, 2014

Transfers are here! It really isn´t cool though, Elder Gillespie was transfered. Also, the Mission President switched the zone leader area, so I´ll be leaving everybody I love. AGAIN! But, I´m excited. The last time I opened an area, I was with elder Bravo, and we had a TON of success. So I´m really excited. But I´ll miss Elder Gillespie like crazy. He´s really helped me out a lot. But, things happen. The Lord knows what he´s doing, and I´m confident that it´s for my good. So I´m excited to belearning new things.

Other than that, nothing really new. We´ve had a baptismal dry spell these last few weeks, so that´s been a bummer. But, they´ll pick up real soon. We feel that we really have therespect and support of the missionaries in our Zone, so that´s really cool. You always have a couple that won´t like you, but this time it looks like forthe most part, wehave the support of our Zone. That´s an awesome feeling.

Also, it finally is starting to get cold here. It hits 65 degrees, and everyone wears thick pants and a jacket. Elder Gillespie too, cuz he´s from Texas (speaking of wich, Madi wuld like him), But I´m just walking around, smiling from ear to ear, happy about life (feliz da vida). People think i´m wierd, but I don´t care. I´m so happy, I hate the heat.

But, anyway, that´s my life. I´m happy as could be, brushing my teeth 3 times a day, and drinking lots of water. Just thought you´d be happy to know I´m taking care of myself.


Elder Smith

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