April 7, 2014

As a missionary that helps people overcome addictions, I think we need to have a discussion about cruises... hahahahaha
Conference was great! I only heard about 25% of it, but what I heard was great. The American Missionaries always watch in english, but English didn´t work very well because the internet at the chapel is horrible. So we watched a little in portuguese. It´s pretty annoying in other languages. The translators are very monotone and boring. I could tell that Elder Holland was yelling, but the translator sounded like the guys that are payed to stand in elevators and push buttons. So it lost a little of the excitement, but I still recieved a lot of personal revelation, so that was awesome.
I´m so excited to hear that you want to help someone! You´ve already converted 1, I promise you, that if you hadn´t taught me what you did, and been the example you were, I wouldn´t have made it here. But to start, read Preach My Gospel. Focus on chapters 3,4,5 and 6. That fear to talk with people goes away when we know inside and out what we want to share, and know with a surety that it will bless the lives of others. When we want an answer from our Heavenly Father, we must ask a specific question, and then act. Pray and ask God who you can share the gospel with, and then study Preach my Gospel to know what to share and how. As you do that, I promise you as a representative of God that He will answer, and give the courage you need. Also, you have the Elders. Ask them to teach you how to teach. The missionary work is designed to strengthen the members of the church. When President Monson gave the revelation that "Now is the time for members and missionaries to work together",this revelation is designed to strengthen the testimonies of the members of the church, more than it is to baptize people. The purpose of my mission is first to convert me, and then others.
Throughout this search to convert someone else, just know that the central purpose will be to more fully convert you. If there is one thing I have most powerfully learned on my mission, it is that we cannot convert others beyond our own conversion. I cannot invite others to do things if I do not do them. So the first step is to gain a personal testimony of what we teach, so that the spirit will flow through us as we invite others to live how we are living. The missionary work is the single most important thing on the face of the earth. It is the only means whereby mankind may be saved. When Christ was on the Earth, he did missionary work his entire life, until he died. Then, he set up the missionary work in heaven.
 That must have been tiring. But, I know you´ll do great. I also know that the Lord has prepared, and is preparing people for you right now. So just relax, pray, and study. It works, trust me.
But anywho, Tell mae I love her, and good luck. And tell Grant he´s a punk, but I love him too. The big training went great. I LOVE talking in front of large groups. Don´t know why, I just love to get really into it, and make everyone excited. It feels good. But it was a big success. The work in Brasil is changing. I´m  really excited.
Love you! hope all is well. Give katy a hug for me.
Elder Smith

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