July 7, 2014


I´m so happy to hear that all is well with the family!
I´m not able to send pictures from here infelizmente.

I´ll have to be a little brief, sorry. But I wrote to Dad a few things that happened this week. But I´m doing great. There is another set of Elders in the zone with a couple of problems, so President prayed, and the Lord told him what to do. My companion and I will split up for the next two weeks, and help these Elders. So I´ll finish the training of Elder Ferreira, wh will be my new companion, and Elder Fernandes will go with Elder A. Castro in Vista Alegre. We´ll stay the Zone Leaders, just in different areas. Wierd, eh? But, it´ll be fun to train. 

I´ll try to find a LAN house that will permit me to send photos. Because the camera broke, it´s a little harder to send them.

Thanks for all the prayers and the fasting. Give mae and G a big hug for me.

Com Amor,

Élder Smith


Thanks for sharing the experience. I did feel the spirit very strongly.

Before I start off the weekly report, I´d like to ask a favor.  Please pray for me to have the determination and desire to write daily in my journal. It´s been a LONG time since I´ve written in it. But, I´ll pray and try much harder.

My goodness, what an incredible week. So many provations, but so many miracles. The Zone is doing well, but it´s declining right now. The vision in the zone is dropping. The missionaries are setting lower and lower goals every week. And with the World Cup slowing the work down, we are in a rapid decline. We hope to bring everything back up to speed tomorrow with an energy-filled and spiritual Zone Meeting. I have never felt so exhausted in my life, mentally and spiritually. I´m praying for revelation and discernment for my missionaries, giving all that I have. No one ever said it would be easy, but it is so worth it.

Saturday, The Lord responded to my cries for help. We baptized a young man named Gábriel last week. He lives with his widowed mother and younger brother. His mom is great. She had already studied with the missionaries in the past, but never got baptized. She was extremely happy with the baptism of her son. Until Saturday, we had only spoken with her twice. But, she was home, so we were elated to speak with her. She felt the spirit, and opened up to us. She explained how hard her life is right now. There´s a group of neighborhood kids who for the second time while she was at work, broke into her home, stole some things, broke others, beat her kids and left. She then told us of the death of her husband. Seven years ago, 3 men entered into her home, and held the family hostage. For an entire week, they beat them, abused them and tortured them. At the end of the week, they brought the family together, and shot the husband in the head in front of his entire family.

We felt impressed to teach The Plan of Salvation, and teach about baptisms for the dead. As we explained, she began to cry. She stopped me mid-sentence, and said: "I want to be baptized, tomorrow. I cannot wait any longer. I read the Book of Mormon you left me. I know it´s true. I know my husband is waiting. I can´t wait until I get a break from work, I need to be baptized tomorrow"

She was baptised with her son on Sunday at 7 P.M.

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