May 17, 2013

First off, I can't upload pictures here. Don't know why, I just simply can't format them. Ive tried. The computers here aren't exactly the ones we have at home.
If I can figure it out I'll get some to you. Please don't boycott the packages. They keep me sane. For the most part.
Anyway, the week has been NUTS! I brought in two new districts on Wednesday. As zone leaders, that involves orientation, campus tours, discussions, a ridiculous amount of running around, not getting back to the dorm until 11:00 (elders are supposed to be asleep at 10:30). Being a Zone leader is rough. We get less sleep, we're constantly running around, we have to miss class sometimes, and even worse, Gym time. It's hard.
However, we also have the wonderful opportunity to serve these magnificent elders in a way very few can. Zone Leaders make up less that 3% of the MTC. There aren't many of us. We are the ones the elders come to when they need to talk. We get to uplift them, strengthen them, and love them. In the MTC, there are no AP's. Therefore, the Zone Leaders are also the AP's. It's crazy. We solve all of their problems, we get to interview them, talk with them. The best part for me is that we get to spend a lot of time with the Branch President. He is such an awesome President. I have learned so much from him. We get to break a lot of rules, and it's weird. Last night, My companion and I were getting ready to return to our rooms for the night at 9:30, when a sister from our branch asked for a blessing of comfort. We found a small room, and gave her a blessing. The spirit hit like a brick wall. I blessed her with comfort, and I could literally feel the spirit of God coursing through my body. I am truly an instrument for the Lord. Anyway, we finished the blessing, shook hands (because there's no hugging), and departed to our rooms. The sister gave me a letter the next day, saying that the blessing was exactly what she needed, and that she felt the Lord's love for her powerfully. She said that she feels comforted, and expressed her thanks for me. I was so humbled, that a sister from my branch would come to me for a blessing, and that The Lord loves her, and loves me enough to comfort her through me. That being said, we got back to the dorms at 10:15, checked on all of our missionaries, talked to a few about problems they were having, resolved them, and finally got back to the room at 11:00.
I woke up this morning, more awake and ready to begin the day than ever before. The Lord will bless us as we do his will. I am one of the youngest missionaries in this MTC, yet I have a position of leadership and service for some who are much older and wiser than I. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve.
I love you guys so much. I was watching the Joseph Smith movie last Tuesday night, and there was a scene, after Joseph had his surgery at the age of 7, when he was trying to walk as fast as he could down a dirt road to catch up with his friends who were running ahead of him. Then, Alvin came from behind him, scooped him onto his back, and ran up to Josephs friends. It reminded me of Grant. The same thing happened at Disney. I was sobbing harder than any of the sisters in my district. And, since they saw me crying, they all started crying. It was a wreck. Also, I completely ruined my favorite tie, and I have given a few to missionaries in my district who didn't have many. But anyway, I had a very spiritual night, and I miss Grant terribly.
Well, I'm out of time. I love you all so much (especially Grant), and can't wait to call in a few weeks.
I'll try as hard as I can to upload a few pictures.
I am getting short on ties. If you could send me a few (like a lot a few), I'll be your best friend.
Also, my district says they love you (they ate my candy)
Elder Smith

The first two pictures are of Elder Childs and I in the Zone Leader robes (i forgot to tell you, there are robes that get passed down from Zone Leader to Zone Leader) and the last one is of my favorite elder in my Zone, Elder Ross.
I have promised them that I wouldn't reveal their personal informaion.
Love you. Please send some ties

Elder Smith