October 21, 2013

Another great week in Paradise. Things are absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, all 6 of our baptisms yesterday were pushed back a week :( , BUT we have an extra 6 marked for November. So even though we had a rough Saturday, The Lord immediately blessed us. He really does live, he really does love us, and he really is at the head of this work.
I was able to use a lot of the card, so thank you. I´m loving it herre. But remember when I said stuff was really cheap? I had no idea what I was talking about. Everything but fruit and meat is almost double the equivalent price in the U.S. A tiny box of cereal, (I´m talking pop-tart box size, and dont even get me started on pop-tarts) is 5 us. dollars. And milk here is sold warm, on the shelf, and it is incredibly expensive, and it tastes like cream cheese. So cereal is a no-go. But I´m eating really well. Lots of rice, beans, meat, fish, fruits and stuff. AND OH MY GOODNESS IT´S AMAZING. I´ve never had food this good in my lif......on my mission. It´s so amazing. We only have to worry about breakfast, the members do the rest for us. It´s AWESOME. Going from a place where you get fed once a week by the same person, to getting fed twice daily be the whole ward. Ah I love it. And I absolutely love and miss my old area, but this is just incredible.
And President Pinho is just incredible. He will be a twelve, mark my words.
But anyway, here are a few highlights of my week
Mon. (segunda) - Wallet issues / ladie laughing at my accent
Tues.(terça) - Ok, who´s homeless man is this?
Wed. (quarta) - 2 baptismal committments / I can´t sing
Thurs.(quinta) - running through the favela / gotta make it home on time
Fri. (sexta) -  Seriously, who´s homeless man is this?
Sat. (Sabado) - Baptism blues, WOOHOO! New investigators!
Sun. (Domingo) - Ok, this is getting annoying. WHO OWNS THIS HOMELESS MAN? / Church
Well now you have a little taste of the glory, see what it tastes like ( Nacho Libre, not being prideful)
Elder Smith

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