October 9, 2013 Sao Paulo, Brazil

I´m in Brasil!!  It´s awesome here. i´m in the middle of the Favelas. It´s so crazy. My Trainer is awesome, he´s hardly been out longer than me, and it´s a struggle to communicate, but I love it. I can only understand about 50% of what people say, and it gets really frustrating. But, \i´m learning quickly, and the people are simply awesome. \we´ve already been fed twice. In tennessee, the entire mission baptized around 40 a month. Here, each companionship sets a goal to baptize about 30 a month. It´s crazy. This mission is the second highest in Brazil for Baptisms, but first for retention. It´s simply awesome. Every aspect of life is different. I´m in an apartment with 3 other missionaries, all of which are south American. I LOVE IT!
Anyway, just wanted to let you know I´m alive and well. I´ll send pictures on monday.
Com amor,
Elder Smith