September 30, 2013


So I got my visa, but guess what. I have poison ivy on my left eye. It sucks. I called the mission nurse,and she told me to go to the hospital. So i went yesterday, and I'm on steroids. Hope it goes away by next week. The meds are super draining, its rough. But I went to church and told everyone I'm leaving, and they all want to have us over before I go. So we have like 8 meal appointments this week. I wish they had been like that the whole time. But you'll be happy to hear that we'll be spending conference sunday with the YSA branch president, President Wolfley, and his family in their monsterously huge house on the side of the top of a mountain overlooking the super green Chattanooga valley. I'll send pictures.

Anyway, I miss you all and can't wait to call in a few days!