April 21, 2014

It´s nice hearing about the family every week. I´m not thinking about home really at all, i just like knowing everyone´s well.
Well, transfer is already drawing to a close... AGAIN! I´ll most likely stay with Elder Bertha for one more before he goes home. But I´m excited, he´s the best companion I´ve had so far.
Things are crazy busy here right now. But I love it. I´ve gotten into the missionary spirit. I hate when the watch hits 21h00 and we have to go home. I don´t want to slow down for P-day. I´m feeling so much happiness because of this work, it´s consuming me. I am literally so happy, I don´t pay any attention to anything that doesn´t have to do with my missionaries or baptism. I am so grateful that the Lord is blessing our work so much. Our Zone had a lot of people at sacrament meeting yesterday, everyone´s excited, and we´re starting to baptize. But even with all of this, I am learning each day that I am absolutely nothing. Every time I feel like I´m getting close to mastering a Christ-like attribute, a new perspective on the subject opens up to my mind, and I realize how far away I still am. Becoming like Christ is going to take a lifetime - and then some - of constant work and progression. But I don´t feel disheartened by this anymore, it makes me excited. I am so happy that I still have a year to learn to be the man I want to be walking off the plane. I´m so excited for my life that lies ahead of me, because I know that it´s going to be hard. I´ll have so many tests. I know that I´ll mess up a lot, but I know who to trust in. I know that as long as I obey the commandments, try hard to be better every day, and pay my tithing, I´ll be blessed. I have never been so happy in my life.
I found an awesome scripture today, that´s my new favorite, and my theme for the month of May :
Alma 27:18   "Now was not this aexceeding joy? Behold, this is joy which none receiveth save itbe the truly penitent and humble seeker of bhappiness."
I want to be this penitent and humble seeker of happiness. This scripture gave me a new view on the work. I´m doing things now with the goal of finding and feeling this happiness. I know that happiness comes from 2 things, diligent work and exact obedience. I want to be like penitent and humble Alma, who´s entire body became completely weak because of true, righteous happiness.
I´m gratful for the examples that  have in my life of good men who seek this happiness. I´m grateful that you and Mom raised me the way you did. I feel, and know, that I chose this road. And it´s leading me to a happy and righteous life.
Things are fantastic. I´m happy, healthy, and excited to grow.
Tell Mom and G I love them, and play with Katy for me.
com amor,

Elder Smith
I´m really happy. I sent a long letter to Dad´s email for you guys. But I just want to share a scripture I found that really changed my point of view about life.
Alma 27:18
Now was not this exceeding joy? Behold, this is joy which none receiveth save it be the trulypenitent and humble seeker of happiness.
I think that these are some of the sweetest words in the scriptures. This is to be a model of our lives. As members of the Lord´s church, we know what brings true happiness. A humble seeker is someone who keeps the commandments of God, optimistically, knowing that the greatest of God´s blessings is pure happines, and "charity towards God and all men".
I know that 66% of your babies are gone, but search for this happiness. I hope that you and Dad are finding tim to read the Book of Mormon together every day. That´s something I look forward to in my future family.
Elder Smith

Great Sunday. A couple members gave us boxes of chocolate. There´s a tradition in Brasil, on Easter (Páscoa), everyone eats fish. So we had a good lunch. It was a nice day.
Sorry, my time is up. Love you all so much. até semana que vem!
Elder Smith

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