April 28, 2014

The week went really well. Elder Bertha was transferred. So that´s sad. He had to go a day early, so now I´m going to be in a trio with the other 2 Elders I live with untill transferrs tomorrow.

Things are going great here. The Zone is starting to take off. We´re working really hard in our Area. We have a goal of 20 baptisms in our área in the month of May. We´re fasting a lot, praying a lot, and really trying to sanctify ourselves. I´m seeing the hand of the Lord more and more every day.

We had an amazing baptism Saturday of an incredible investigator. His name is Anderson. He´s about 30, lives with his wife and 2 daughters. One of the most beautiful and incredible conversions I´ve ever seen. Satan threw every single thing he had at this man, and he never lost his Faith, and never for a second doubted the answer he recieved from God. I can´t send pictures here, I´ll go to a diferente lanhouse next week to send pictures.

The Area Presidency recently sent an email to President Pinho, inviting our mission to start a new Pilot program here in Brasil to help retention. Starting today, 50% of all proscelyting time will be dedicated to rescuing inactive and recente-converts. It´s a great program, but has a lot of moving parts. So this week has been crazy. In the past 2 days, we´ve had to meet with the stake presidente, and all 5 bishops in the Zone área to presente this new program to them. We´re running around like crazy, but I love that. It seems like when you have 15,000 things to do at once, your mind is able to focus better. I´m loving the craziness, but it´s tiring.

So, that´s my life. I´m well, happy, and busy in the work of the Lord. I love him, and I know He lives.

Hope all is well and quiet over there.

Elder smith

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