May 26, 2014


sorry about the pictures, the LANhouse in my area doesn´t let us hook our cameras up. So untill I´m transferred, I won´t be able to send any :(

I feel so incredibly horrible that I forgot to tell Dad happy birthday. Let him know I said happy birthday. 

The week was incredible. We had a great baptism of a 17 year old young man named Tayan. He has a fantastic story of how his life really changed. It´s incredible to see what the Gospel can do to change people.

But above all that, remember the family I taught and helped baptize in cocaia? Well, when I was there we baptized the two children, Lais (14) and César (19). We marked the marriage of the parrents Lurdes and Adimilson, and Lurdes´baptism, but I was transfered before I could see it. Well, I saw photos last week of the marriage, it was beautiful. After the marriage, Lurdes was baptized by her son. But Adimilson still had a hard heart, and wouldn´t take the steps necessary towards baptism. I recieved a phone call friday nightfrom the Assistants. Adimilson decided to be baptized and asked me if I could perform the ordinance. Unfortunately, Tayan´s baptism was marked for 17h, and we had a ward activity at 18h, so I couldn´t make it. But I was overwhelmingly happy knowing that he finally made the decision, and that I was blessed enough to help him on the path.

A few minutes ago, I read a new E-mail from César that left me in tears. I´d like to send it to you for you to print if you could please.

Olá Elder Smith, sou eu o César
Elder agora eu sou missionário de Ala, eu to muito empolgado com esse chamado.
E também eu fui entrevistado para ganhar o sacerdócio maior agora mês que vem na conferência.
Hoje eu batizei um primo meu, foi muito bom. Hoje também eu fiz meu primeiro discurso sobre o dia do senhor, eu tava muito nervoso mais foi ótimo.
E por último mais não menos importante adivinha quem vai ser batizado sábado dia 24/05?
Sim finalmente meu pai vai ser batizado vai ser sábado dia 24 / 05 as 6 horas da tarde, eu to muito animado porque finalmente minha família estará completa.
Muito obrigado meu amigo se hoje meu pai vai ser batizado isso é graças a você que começou ir na minha casa.

"When you have done your very best, you may still experience disappointments, but you will not be disappointed in yourself. You can feel certain that the Lord is pleased when you feel the Spirit working through you."

We can know, in the mission field, as well as in life, that we are doing the will of the Lord and that he is pleased with us when we constantly feel his spirit. Despite what others may think, or what outward factors may suggest, we can always know if we are doing the right thing. In life, there are many difficulties, there are many tests. At times, these tests can make us forget our divine potential, or even our very purpose. But because of a Loving Havenly Father, and a merciful Savior, we can feel comfort knowing that the Lord is at the head, and that he is pleased with our work. 

I love this work, I love my calling as a missionary. I am learning more every day how truly important the spirit is in our lives, and as you said, we must always be worthy and ready to feel his promptings. I know that he is accepting my mission, I know that he is pleased with my work and my progress.

Whenever Satan tries to tempt me to do a wrong thing, to think a wrong thought, My Father in Heaven shows me my future family. He shows me the Father I one day can be. I know that I need to work as hard as I can each day, to progress, that I may be worthy of a Daughter of God, be sealed forever in the Temple of the Lord, and start an eternal family as a loving father.

Thank you for the prayers, for the letters, for the packages. I love you so much.

Elder Smith

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