June 2, 2014

The week went well. The Zone reported higher numbersw than we´ve seen in a while, so that is a reason to rejoice. With the New Mission President getting here soon, everyones scrambling to prepare the mission for him to arrive, so that the exchange will be easy and painless. I´m super sad to see President Pinho go. Like you said, it´s kinda like losing a father. He´s a fantastic man, who´ll do a lot of good for Brasil as a 70. 

And It´s my companions B-DAY today! I´m gonna use the rest of my money to make him a cake. Oh yeah, I learned how to cook! I don´t like it. Fast food´s way better. But fast food is something only rich people eat here. It´s kinda funny, McDonalds is an upper-clas restaurant here. It has an ambient really fancy, menus at every table, the waiters with fancy clothes, and everyone eats everything with a fork aqnd knife. A Big Mac is about the equivalent of 10 dollars. insane right? While the Brasilian barbeques that are so expensive there are cheaper than McDonald´s here. A good Brasilian churrasco is about 10 u.s dollars fo all-you-can-eat and natural fruit juice. SO AWESOME! 

So yeah, things are great here. I´m a bit sad, transfers are in a week, and I´ve been zone leader here for 3 transfers now. I´m probably gonna get kicked out and go to another zone. zone leaders here usually pass 2 or 3 transfers in an area before moving on. It´s sad, but I´m tryong not to think about it.

But yes, that´s my life. Pretty dang cool, eh?

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