June 9, 2014

It´s alright, I´m not worried. But the package will be returned home to the mailing address. 

I´m excited for you guys. It´ll be fun.

I can´t believe Ave´s coming home. He left so little time before I did. 
It´s actually pretty cold here right now. When it´s summer there, it´s winter here, and vis versa. The climate flips south of the equator. So I´m freezing rather than burning! But, everythings great. I´m extremely sad to be leaving my companion, I recieved the transfer call this morning, so I´ll be off tomorrow morning to another Zone. But there´s an awesome phrase President Pinho says (and by the way, he´ll be leaving us on the 28th):  
"Saudades sim, remorso jamais!"
roughly translated, "Miss it? yes.Regrets? Never."

I am going to miss my area and my Zone like crazy. The missionaries here are family. You pray for them every night, seek revelation for them daily, and do all you can to help them have a happy and successful mission. And then you have to leave. It´s tough. But, I know that I left my area better then I found it. It was hard starting here. We whitewashed the area. There were no investigators, and the members weren´t to excited. But now, there are many investigators with dates set, and the members are super excited. It´s a great feeling. I did my best every day.

I´ll miss the baptism of an investigator we found last week. Sorry I´m so terrible about keeping you updated on things. Neusa, a 78-year-old lady, is maybe one of the most elect investigators I´ve ever seen. Usually, we don´t pay much attention to the old people. When we talk to them, it usually goes like this:
Me - Hello mam, I´m Elder Smith, this is my companion Elder Da Cruz. We´re         missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat...

Old lady - I´m a member of the "Missionary Evangelical Church of the Flaming                Crown Ministry of Bethlehem", thanks to the Lord. So before you                    waste your time, I will never visit your church, because Jesus is in                  all of them. There´s only 1 God, so it doesn´t matter what church                    you go to. The Church doesn´t save anyone..

Me - Ahh, alright then. Well mam we still would like to invite you to visit. We           testify that the very church that Christ estabelished is on the earth                 today. We also testify that you can know for yourself that this is true by         pray..

Old Lady - No, I won´t go. 

Me - Ok, Well, who do you know in the area that could use some peace and           comfort?

Old Lady - No, everyone already has their own religion. Bye, good afternoon

And last week, I said hi to an old lady, only to find out after that she was crazy. I said "Good Afternoon!", and she responded, screaming "GO TO HELL YOU FILTHY PIMP DRAGON!" And yes, she really did call me that. It was pretty funny.

But, for this reason we are a bit apprehensive in inviting older people. But Neusa is incredible. She loves the visits, and a few days ago we taught the word of wisdom. The only thing she had a problem with was coffee. But, she willingly compled to never drink it again. Later, she told us that the next morning, she went to drink a cup, but remembered that she couldn´t. She freaked out, and threw all of her coffee in the toilet. It´s been 5 days, and she has no more desire to drink it. The other day, she asked us if she could help clean the chapel and pay tithing. The faith of the Brasilian people is incredible. But, she´ll be baptised saturday. We have a few other investigators also to be baptized next week. But, I´m happy to have been able and permitted to play a part in their conversion. 

But yes, that is my week. 

Love you!

Elder Smith

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