June 16, 2014


The World cup is crazy here. The streets are painted green, yellow and blue. The houses are also all painted. We´re not allowed to leave the house during the days that Brasil playe, which is once a week. It´s nuts during the games. The streets are completely silent, it looks like a ghost town. But when Brasil makes a goal, the whole city screams. Imagine being in the middle of New York, with every single citizen in their home yelling. Then multiply it by 50, and you have an idea. The Super Bowl doen´s even come close to being in the same league as the World Cup here. 

Well, I got transferred! I´m now in the zone Embu, which is the only remaining "interior" zone in the mission. Interior means  the outskirts. Theres a lot of jungle, trees, favela. But it´s also a normal city. But we´re gonna have to come by here when you come down. There´s a really old city here that every Saturday and Sunday opens up, and there´s a HUGE market on the streets. Hundreds of street vendors,  selling crazy cool things. It has that old rustic shop feel. It´s like what people do in the States, but real. It´s so cool. And the Zone is getting to new lvels too. The record in the Embu Zone for baptisms was 17 in a month. We still have 2 more Saturdays, and the Zone has helped 16 children of our Heavenly father enter that waters of batptism already. So things are going really well.

My new companion is also the bomb. His name is Élder Fernandes 
(Feh-nahn-jihs) . He´s an incredible missionary, and we have about the same time on the mission. So we work really well together. But yeah, life is good.

I´m not sure how much in the last sis months. But I´m really grateful. every preparation day I  want to write them, but there´s nev er time. I write a quick letter to yoiu, and then write my recent-converts for the rest of the time. But I´m pretty sure all of it gets here. I get a letter from Gma every 3 weeks just about. 

But, unfortunately my camera broke. I was on exchange, and my companion was showing the other elder how you can take photos under water. Probably something wasn´t closed, and it broke. So I´ll be without a camera. But I´ll take photos with my companions camera, and send them that way, no need to worry. 

Life is good, the sky is blue, and só batiza!

Com carinho.

Élder Smith                             

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