June 24, 2014


   Things are going great over here. We´re really happy. Right now, the Zone     I´m in (Embu) is generally known as the zone that baptizes little, because there´s a lot of jungle and much less people than the other zones. But we´re leading the mission in baptisms right now, having a ton of success. It´s such a great feeling when you see the arm of the Lord blessing the hard work and faith of missionaries you love so much. Our little zone of only 18 missionaries (one of the smallest in the mission) is working incredibly hard. My area is also going really well. Two weeks ago, we found a group of 4 young men, and invited them to church. We passed by on Sunday to take them to church, and they had invited 4 more. there was a whole bench just for our little army of kids. 3 of them will be baptized this Sunday, and we´re expecting around 30 people at this weeks sacrament meeting. 

   Unfortunately, I´m a little sick right now with the flu. So I´ll be resting today, and tomorrow back out to work. I hate it when I have to stay inside. I really do love this work, I love my area. So it stinks to have to stay home all day, but, I´ll be back out soon. My companion´s taking good care of me. I´ve been very blessed on my mission with good companions. I´ve learned a lot of patience, love, and humility. I hit 14 months today. The alarm went off, and it hit me. It´s scaring me to death to see the time fly by so quickly. I´m still nowhere close to being the man I want to be walking off the plane. But,I can sincerely say that I´ve changed so much. I know that this is the Savior´s true and only church. I know that I am doing his work. There´s a line in my Patriarchal blessing that says that as I serve as the savior did, the Christ-like attributes of love will be manifest in my daily walk. It says that through this love,I will be a friend and minister to my mission companions. I can see and feel this happening. I sincerely love those with whom I serve. I´d give my life for any one of these missionaries. I know that this time is limited, so I´m doing my best every day to take advantage of it. But what´s funny is that the harder you work, the faster the time goes by. 

   President Pinho ends his missionary service on Thursday of this week. Tomorrow we´ll have the last leadership council with him. It´s so sad to see him go, but President Dalton will be great. President Pinho took one of the lowest baptizing missions in Brazil, and turned it into the greatest. He´s like a father to me. But, we´ll still see him every once in a while. 



   But yeah, that´s my life right now. Só felicidade! 

Te amo!

Élder Smith

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