July 21, 2014

The week went by really fast. Because of meetings, exchanges, and more meetings, I only spent 1 day in the area. But it was a day full of miracles. Its been stressful training with all of the other responsabilities, but the love we feel from the Lord during trials is worth it. There truly must be opposition in all things. When we are tired and beaten, the Lord lets us go until we cant bare any more, then he reveals his arm in or lives. I love my mission. Im learning to not just feel gratitude when Im blessed, but to be a grateful person. President Uchdorf gave a great talk on that last conference. Now that Im on the downward slope, I feel like Im progressing so much more. I am so... very... tired. But, when I rest I just want to work. Its a funny thing. It´s been a little rough leading the zone while training. I have to focus on training my companion, while also having another 18 missionaries to take care of and frequent meetings. But I am happier right now than I´ve ever been.
Well, transfers is here AGAIN! Someone please make it stop. Its going way to fast. But training has made me laugh. Ive looked back into my journal and planners from the beginning of my mission, and I realize how long its really been. Im going to stay in Embu, and Elder Fernandes was transfered. So, Ill keep living in the same house as the Elder I finished training, with my new companion, and another new Elder. Change is good. Over half of the entire Zone is leaving. But, well get some `novo sangue` in the zone, so things will speed up. There are many missionaries here that have been here for a long time.
Anyway, things here are great, and life is good. I sent letters to everyone *for the first time in forever) last tuesday, so let´s see if they get there.
Elder Smith

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