July 28, 2014


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANT! I can´t believe it... when I left he was 8. Things pass so quickly it´s crazy!

question: if you leave a phone charger in the wall, does it waste energy even though it´s not charging anything??? 

  So, transfers came and went, and I recieved my new companion, Élder Beck from Salt Lake. We have the same time on the mission, and a lot of the same ideas. But the week was pretty rough. We didn´t find a whole lot of new investigators, and nobody went to church. That was pretty hard. We both feel like we´re doing everything we can to serve the Lord the way He wants us to, but the success stopped. But, we´re still happy and excited. The Zone isnt baptizing much either, but the missionaries seem happy. So, we just need to figure out how to help them baptize. 

   The week´ll be really busy. Lots of exchanges and meetings. And tomorrow we´re going to the TEMPLE! So I´m excited´

   But, I had a fantastic personal study today. President Dalton is pushing really hard on the importance of a Temple-centered vision, and Iknow that we can baptize many more of his children. I just haven´t figured out how yet. But the mission in Brasil has always had a retentin problem. Part is because the members are rearely involved. And part is because the missionaries are irresponsably baptizing people that aren´t ready. I was pondering with my companion how we can help our zone understand this principle. I was reading one of my favorite talks, "Walking in Circles" by Dieter F. Uchdorf. And I recieved a ton of revelation with my companion, it was great. He talks about how mankind needs visable landmarks, or we tend to walk in circles. I thought of Preach my Gospel. Much of the mission is forgetting it, or not even studying it. We need it to provide guidance for us. There are lots of other things we learned. It was EXACTLY what we needed to get started. But I´ve always gotten along great with my companions here. But i´ve never had such a strong relationship so quickly with a companion before. We´re both really happy and excited to serve togther. It´s gonna be great.

  Anyway, that´s my week. We´re excited to put in practice all of the new ideas we´re having. 

   Give G a HUGE happy bitrthday hug for me. I sent letters. Hope they get there soon.

Élder Smith

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