August 4, 2014


The week here was great! We´re teaching a couple of really great families. Everything with Élder Beck is great. We´re working hard, and i´m feeling myself change every day. We´re working right now on helping the missionaries follow the spirit more throughout the day. And so far, we´ve been having so many great experiences. And the missionaries are too. So I couldn´t be happier.

Everything is back to normal now. Winter is ending, so it´s starting to heat up again. I hate the heat, but, when it´s cold, nobody is on the street. 

How are things back home? Sorry I haven´t been able to send pictures lately. Since I´m serving in a much mure rural area, it´s hard to find somewhere that lets you. 

I´ve been studying a lot lately from Preach My Gospel. I always have studied it, but now I´m focusing on it. It really is an incredible recourse for our personal growth, and I´m excited to see how I´ll be able to apply it after the mission too. 


Élder Smith

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